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Hi! I’m Jamie and welcome to A Sassy Spoon!

Food has always been a big part of my life but I didn’t realize my love for food was so strong until I changed careers a few years ago and started working in culinary digital media.

I was born and raised in South Florida, the mecca of Hispanic food and wearing flip flops all year long because what are seasons? I grew up watching my Cuban mom cook for my family using “un poquito” (Spanish for “a little bit”) as her measurement of choice. And even though I was always surrounded by AMAZING food, there was a point in my life where I only ate chicken fingers. True story. Everyday. Chicken Fingers. My parents were concerned.

As I got older, I began expanding my palate, being a tourist in my own city, traveling, and creating my own variations of the foods I had tried and loved. A Sassy Spoon is an extension of all my passions and an exciting new chapter for my career. Whether on a road trip or in the kitchen, I’m probably planning my next recipe or next trip…and then sharing it with you!

Central Park, New York // Florence, Italy

More Fun Facts!

  1. I’m a Gen XYer with a millennial brain. I’m part of the only generation that knows what life was like before cell phones and social media. I often speak in memes, gifs, and hashtags and, watch silly YouTube videos so basically I don’t really act my age.
  2. If I could, I’d spend the entire year traveling. If not by plane, then by car. I live in South Florida which means I’m either halfway to the Key West or halfway to Disney. It really is the best of both worlds.
  3. My friends and I are Disney junkies. We have annual passes so we’re pretty much always in Orlando. Not mad about it.
  4. Likes + Dislikes: I like junk food, NY style pizza, chocolate chip cookies, rollercoasters, musky candles, and the ocean. I don’t like tahini, broccoli, peanut butter (like all the other butters though. Weird, right?) and the smell of fried food inside my house.
  5. Big Drake fan here and I totally have a crush on Jimmy Fallon. Also, I may or may not listen to hood music on most days while cooking. Salsa while cleaning.
  6. I’m Latina and an 80s kid so of course, I love to dance. Also, I will OWN you in music trivia!
  7. I can’t sing but I can karaoke like a boss!
  8. I went to Art School after High School, ended up in Health Care, got a Business degree, then switched careers to Marketing. Been working from home since last year and it has seriously been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
  9. My biggest pet peeve is when people spell my name wrong. It’s Jamie — J-A-M-I-E.
  10. My sassiness comes from my mom. We’re so sarcastic that we make each other laugh all the time. She’s the best! I’m very thankful for my family and my close circle of friends.


A Sassy Spoon is a resource for simple, healthy-ish recipes with some serious Miami flair! Obviously, right? I reside in a tropical (read: humid) paradise so it’s only natural that the fresh, summery, bold flavors of Miami would make an appearance on this blog!

What exactly is Miami flair? Think fresh ingredients, lots of spices, the use of citrus and sweet tropical fruits like guava or mango, plenty of seafood, and tons of flavor!

I aim for recipes that are ready in less than 40 minutes (who has time to be in the kitchen all day?!). I’m also a firm believer in balance because dessert is LIFE. When I’m not developing recipes, I’m talking about all the food I ate while traveling. Ya know, for those of us that travel just to eat. Oh, am I the only one that does that? Oops. ;)

This blog is ever changing, evolving, and growing but most importantly, it’s a place where we can all connect, be inspired and celebrate our love for food. If there’s anything else that you’d love to see on this blog, email me at info@asassyspoon.com.

Thank you for being here! <3

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