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Best Places To Eat In Miami

Best Places To Eat In Miami

Having lived in Florida all of my life, I’m often asked what are the best places to eat in Miami. The answer?

There are TONS.

From Asian, Caribbean, fusion cuisines and everything in between, Miami has lots to offer if you really look for it! I’ve had the pleasure of working with several of these restaurants in the past and still visit them to this day. Some on this list are fancy, some not so much but trust me, they all have their unique deliciousness to explore and enjoy.

I’d never steer you wrong.

Whether you’re visiting soon or want to visit a new spot, I gotchu fam! And in case you can’t make it to Miami, you can still cook/eat like you live here! I bring ALLLLL dat tropical Miami flair to my recipes!

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Ok… before we continue, I need to get this off my chest. No matter what you see on TV, real, authentic Cuban food DOES NOT EXIST ON SOUTH BEACH. No, Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, you do not have authentic Cuban food.

Stop lying to people, Travel Channel.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can proceed. You may have to uber far from all the madness of South Beach and all the tourist traps to really capture the real essence that is diverse Miami. I promise these are the real deal. Here’s my list of must-try Cuban restaurants.

Authentic Cuban Food in Miami

Best Places To Eat In Miami

Best Restaurants In Miami