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Juicy Grilled Mojo Chicken Breast

Juicy Grilled Mojo Chicken Breast

Chicken breast marinated in mojo (garlic citrus marinade) and spices then grilled under a brick to get those juicy grill marks! 

Years ago, I bought a grill pan. It’s this one, in case you’re wondering. ;)

Since an actual grill is not allowed on my balcony where I live, I was beyond thrilled to use the next best thing – a grill pan! I remember getting home one day, marinating chicken, placing it on the grill pan, anxiously awaiting grill marks.

Except…there were none.

No grill marks.


I saw faded grill marks but I was expecting the ones you see on an actual grill. You know when you BBQ next to the pool and you make chicken and you see grill marks and they taste delicious. Well, there was none of that happening here!

I never used the pan again.

True story.

I was so discouraged after that, I just never used the pan again.


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