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When I first wanted to start a food blog, I knew it would take hard work and dedication. While working in digital marketing, I managed blogs and the social platforms of several clients. I realized the amount of work and tedious attention to detail necessary to make a blog successful but it wasn’t until I got into it myself that I realized it was A LOT OF WORK. More about that here.

Once I was finally ready to take the plunge and go head first into this whole food blog biz, I handled it like I handle everything in life – I goggled the hell out of it! So here are some helpful resources that helped me get me started. Hope this helps you too!

Other resources:

Canon Rebel T7i

First things first, you need a good high quality camera. When I first started, I was using my iPhone 6 but the photos were a bit grainy and not the best for food photography. People eat with their eyes so you want to make sure your photos look AMAZING! I bought my first ever DSLR, which was a Canon Rebel T1i, at a pawn shop and it was in great condition. It was almost 10 years old but it did the job. I’ve since upgraded to the Canon Rebel T7i because it’s the newest model from the Rebel series and most cost-effective option for me at the moment. Ideally, I want the Canon 5D Mark VI buuuut I gotta find a sugar daddy first. ;)

I also use the iPhone 7 Plus for Instagram sometimes. Although it’s not DSLR quality, that Portrait mode makes it feel pretty damn close!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Regardless of DSLR, having a good lens is everything and this one is my nifty fifty. Seriously, this lens was a game changer for me. I’ve used this lens to shoot all the food photos you see on this site. It’s a great starter lens and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend it!

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

This lens is very versatile so not only does it make food look stunning, it’s great for travel, portraits, just about ANYTHING. It’s super heavy but the quality of your photos is MIND BLOWING. 

Recipe Tin Eats’ Food Photography Book

When I first started out, my photos were uh “not very good looking” (comment below if you get the Marc Anthony reference. Ha!). I had bought a DSLR and had NO idea how to use it. What’s ISO? What’s aperture? “Meh, who cares, I’ll just shoot with the ‘auto’ setting every time. It’ll be fine.” ME REALIZING IT WAS NOT FINE. Thankfully, Nagi from Recipe Tin Eats’ Food Photography Book saved my life. She broke it down yo! More than 150+ pages full of instructions for handling your DSLR camera to food styling to proper lighting techniques. Granted I’m still learning food styling but this book taught me how to use my DSLR to take photos RAW without all the fancy language. I highly recommend this eBook if you’re looking for any and all tips and tricks you need to make sure your photos are next level.

Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Sometimes photos need a little post production love. Photoshop and Lightroom are amazing tools and I use them almost daily. I know they’re expensive but I gotta say so far, it’s been worth every penny!

More helpful tips:

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