Slow Cooker Cuban-Style Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Cuban-Style Pulled Pork

Super easy-to-make slow cooker pulled pork (lechón) marinated Cuban-style with sour orange and garlic. Practically makes itself!

Every time I’ve made pulled pork in the slow cooker, whether it’s spicy BBQ pulled pork or this one, I hate myself. Why? Because it’s delicious. Duh. Aside from that, it’s TORTURE!

You see, I like to use the slow cooker overnight. I like the idea of waking up to an already finished dish. Basically, I’m cooking while I sleep. How awesome is that. Problem is…MY ENTIRE HOUSE SMELLS AMAZING AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT.

I close my bedroom door and I CAN STILL SMELL IT. Maybe I just have a great sense of smell. I think I was a bloodhound in another life. In any case, this is beyond easy to make and it’s so flavorful, you’re going to want to make it all the time.

I personally think it’s a great weeknight dinner option. You can set your slow cooker on before leaving to work (or even on Sunday, and have it ready for the week!) and come back to already ready dinner (plus a delicious smelling house – BONUS!).

What an amazing feeling after dealing with traffic and work meetings all day.

For the pulled pork, I used Boston Butt because it’s more meaty and flavorful. Not the healthiest but you can remove the fats after you remove it from the slow cooker. It definitely is the tastiest cut for pulled pork, in my opinion, but you use pork tenderloin instead.

Not the best part – the Cuban flare. Add onion, complete seasoning (which you can grab the recipe for here), and sour orange marinade. In the event you can’t find sour orange marinade at your local supermarket, you can use 2 parts orange juice, 1 part lime juice. Marinate the roast with all those goodies and you’ll get some citrusy seasoned meat!

Super easy-to-make slow cooker pulled pork (lechón) marinated Cuban-style with sour orange and garlic. Practically makes itself!
Slow Cooker Cuban-Style Pulled Pork
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
8 hr
Total Time
8 hr 10 mins

Super easy-to-make slow cooker pulled pork (lechón) marinated Cuban-style with sour orange and garlic. Practically makes itself!

Servings: 4 servings
Author: Jamie Silva
  • 2 lbs bone-in Boston Butt roast
  • 3/4 cup sour orange marinade (2 parts orange juice 1 part lime)
  • 3 tablespoons complete seasoning* (recipe link in notes)
  • 1/2 small onion chopped
  1. First poke holes in the roast with a cook's fork and place in the slow cooker. Pour the sour orange over the roast then add the chopped onions and complete seasoning. Massage it all in.

  2. Let the roast marinate in ceramic part of the slow cooker in the fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight. Remove from fridge and cook in the slow cooker on low for about 8 hours, or until fork tender. Slow cooker times will vary.

  3. After 8 hours, drain the liquid into a bowl. Using two forks, pull apart the meat into shreds, removing the fatty pieces (unless you like it, you can leave them in). The meat will be so tender, it will fall apart easily. Enjoy!

I hope you make it and LOVE it!

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Thank you for being here! <3

Give some Cuban flare to your meats, poultry, and veggies with this Homemade Cuban Complete Seasoning made with garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, parsley, and cumin!
Homemade Cuban Complete Seasoning

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