Eating My Way Through New Orleans

Eating My Way Through New Orleans

New Orleans is seriously one of my favorite places to visit! I’ve been three times! Fall 2008, Spring 2010, and Summer 2013. Hopefully, I’ll be there again soon. For now, check out some of the BEST places to eat, drink, see, visit in NOLA.

Killer Po’boys // Behind Erin Rose Bar. The real deal. Shrimp Poboys have HUGE coriander lime gulf pan-seared shrimp, marinated radish, carrot, cucumber, herbs, and special sauce. AMAZING. Also, the Jameson Grilled Cheese was out of this world.

Erin Rose // An awesome dive bar just off Bourbon Street, away from the madness and just in front of Killer Po’boys. I had this deliciously, creamy Frozen Irish Coffee, which is one of their famous options. Espresso, ice cream, and Jameson. YUM.

Acme Oyster House // I’ll take chargrilled oysters over regular oysters any day. Lots of grated cheese and herb butter sauce. YES ALL DAY.

Emeril’s // Three words: Banana Cream Pie.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop // Frozen voodoo juice aka purple slushy drink. I love the vibes here, super chill. We also captured a lot of orbs with our camera in this bar. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. We learned about orbs in one of our ghost tours. I hope they’re friendly ghosts.

Cat’s Meow // Hands down, my favorite karaoke bar ever. Seeing drunk people sing with wigs on while enjoying 3 for 1 happy hour is my kinda party.

Huge Ass Beers // 40 oz of beer that you drink through a straw. Basically, a 6 pack in a giant beer shaped coin bank. People would stop and ask me where I got MINE from. See I’m 5 feet tall so a huge ass beer looked HUGE-R on me than regular people. One guy wanted to buy mine!

Harrah’s New Orleans // Totally had all-you-eat-crab here FOR FREE. I won some rewards card giveaway thing. In any other raunchy casino, I would have never had seafood but I trust New Orleans. And I didn’t get sick so win/win.

Pat O’ Briens // Rock you like a Hurricane. Yeah, I had me one of these fruity red concoctions. I also tried alligator bites here for the first time. Cajun marinated alligator tenderloin coated with spicy corn flour, deep fried and served with honey mustard sauce. SO GOOD.

Three Muses // Live music, happy hour, and food right up my alley. This bar was on Frenchman, far from all the madness. Seared tuna spring rolls, very cheesy Italian baked mac and cheese with herbed bread crumbs, and bacon wrapped bleu cheese stuffed dates was delicious!

Café Du Monde // Beignets, duh! Delicious, soft, hot, dough pastries covered in powdered sugar available 24 hours a day? YESSS.

New Orleans School of Cooking // This was more like a demonstration than a hands-on cooking lesson. We got to the recipes cards home though! Jambalaya, gumbo, bread pudding and pralines. Mmmm.

Other Things To Do in N’awlins

Walk all of French Quarter, buy a voohoo doll, get your palms read, take a ghost tour, see the Mississippi River, visit St. Louis Cemetery or St. Louis Cathedral, watch street dancers do their thang, buy art from local artists, visit the Basin St. Station and learn how dead bodies literally floated through the streets after Hurricane Karina (I KNOW RIGHT), or take a streetcar into the city and see the adorable homes, parks, and Tulane University.

Yeah. Best city ever!

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