California Part 3 {Napa Valley + San Francisco}

California Part 3 {Napa Valley + San Francisco}

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Spring 2014.

For 5 days in May, I ate, drank, was sleep deprived and enjoyed the most AMAZING sunsets and views that California had/has to offer. I went to LA, Venice Beach, drove up the Pacific Coast Highway which was the absolute best road trip I’ve ever taken, stayed in Carmel, drank in Napa, and rode trolleys in San Fran. Having SO many photos to share, I decided to divide my California trip into 3 parts.

Part 1: LA + Venice Beach
Part 2: Big Sur + Carmel

We drove into San Francisco after leaving Carmel which was about 2 hours from there. San Fran is very hilly and chilly. Ha! It was 60 degrees, no humidity. PERFECTION. Coming from flat af Florida, driving on hills for streets was interesting. Terrified that our car would drive backwards as we were waiting at a stop light on a hill, we used the brake A LOT.

Here’s a quick recap of Napa Valley + San Francisco:

Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour // An entire day of drinking wine? Uh, yes please! SO. MUCH. DELICIOUS. WINE. We went on a guided tour to several wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley. Three boutique wineries and a few larger ones, if I remember. All with stories, history lessons, and more importantly – samples! Lots of samples! I also bought a nifty wine cork puller with the foil cutter which I LOVE!

Saw the Golden Gate bridge + Alcatraz // Neither of them did we actually see up close though. Like we didn’t get to walk the bridge which is what I really wanted to do nor did we go to Alcatraz. We drove on the bridge though, well the bus did when we were going to Napa. lol.

Saw the Crooked Street + “Full House” house // Crooked Street was so cute. All the streets of San Fran are adorable. It looks fake. Like out of a storybook. But can you believe the now owners of the house painted it another color so people would get confused and not visit?! LAMEEE. I would totally take selfies with everyone that would pass by if I was them. I mean why else would you live there if you weren’t a fan!?

Chinatown Shopping // Best Chinatown I’ve ever been to. It’s a super looooong street of so many shops. Got soooo many fun trinkets and souvenirs here!

Chancellor Hotel // And this is where we stayed. In the heart of it all! Staff was great. They gave us cookies!

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