Introducing A Sassy Spoon (New Blog Name!)

Introducing A Sassy Spoon (New Blog Name!)

Hola Croqueta is now A Sassy Spoon!

Hello friends! Just a quick note to share that the blog has a new name!

No, my love for croquetas didn’t die (it never will!) but after lots of thinking and learning and research over the last few months, I feel like this name does a WAY better job of communicating my love for food.

What started as a simple passion project has evolved (and continues to evolve!) into so much more. I have BIG dreams for this little space on the Internet. I’m so excited for this new name! A Sassy Spoon is a reflection of me, my personality, and how I navigate through life – boldly, lively, full of energy, loud, never a dull moment. If you’ve seen me on Snapchat, you totally get it! I’m so happy you’re here to share this moment with me as I continue to grow and tweak things along the way.

What is NOT Changing

Me! I am still the same Cuban girl with lots of love for Cuban cooking so don’t worry, there will not be a shortage of Cuban inspired recipes. I will however be adding more variety and sharing lots more photos! Another thing not changing is my Snapchat. I’ve had the same Snapchat account for YEARS! You can follow me here.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Links: All links, including recipe links, will (and should) automatically redirect from to If you run into issues or broken links, please let me know.
  • Social Media: All of my social media handles have been updated as well. If you’re already following the blog on InstagramPinterestTwitter, or Facebook – you will be automatically be following A Sassy Spoon. Snapchat will not change, you can follow me here.
  • Email/RSS Feed: If you are subscribed via email or RSS, this will update automatically. No need to resubscribe or change any preferences.

Thank you for being part of this blog! Thank you for supporting me and, most of all, thank you for sharing my excitement with this new name! <3

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