California Part 2 {Big Sur + Carmel}

California Part 2 {Big Sur + Carmel}









Spring 2014.

For 5 days in May, I ate, drank, was sleep deprived and enjoyed the most AMAZING sunsets and views that California had/has to offer. I went to LA, Venice Beach, drove up the Pacific Coast Highway which was the absolute best road trip I’ve ever taken, stayed in Carmel, drank in Napa, and rode trolleys in San Fran. Having SO many photos to share, I decided to divide my California trip into 3 parts.

Part 1: LA + Venice Beach
Part 3: Napa Valley + San Fran

Days leading up to this road trip, I was pretty nervous about driving in California tbh. I mean, sure Miami traffic is bad but not ‘9 lane highways’ bad. Once I saw the views down the Pacific Coast Highway, all those nerves drifted away.

Pacific Coast Highway + Big Sur + Carmel

PCH // The drive from LA to the Big Sur down the PCH is about 5 hours. I kinda wish I would have come in from San Fran and driven down instead of up. Not only is the PCH about 2 hours from San Francisco, it’s also better to drive south since you’d be driving on the right side of the road meaning excellent views of the Pacific Ocean. Also, perfect for pulling over to take pictures. The PCH drive was amazing either way and it really was the best part of my entire California trip.

Big Sur // As soon as I got off the car, I was beyond emotional. Actually, I was pretty emotional this entire trip but I’m just a wanderlusting fool that’s easily moved by God’s creations. I was also freezing and I was in shorts. We had just driven down from 100 degree weather in LA. When I looked up the weather, it said 60 degrees! It was May! WHAT! Miami skin was cold. But who cares, I was in love. Look at those breathtaking views! I must have taken like 200 photos in that spot.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park // Where I died after hiking about 20,000 steps. I wasn’t ready! Again, the views though totally made up for it and those TALL trees. So beautiful!

Carmel // So serene, so quiet and peaceful. Carmel is like a little town out of a movie. Families with their perfect children and well trained dogs. My loud mouth would probably get kicked out if I lived there. Cubans can’t live in Carmel. Imagine, salsa music blasting, me and my loud laugh (do you follow me on Snapchat? You get it.), all the yelling when I’m actually just talking. Embarrassing.

Carmel Mission Inn // This is where we stayed for one night and had a delicious breakfast!

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