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I’m Jamie and welcome to A Sassy Spoon!

Food has always been a big part of my life but I didn’t realize my love for food was so strong until my love for digital media made its debut a few years ago. See, I’ve practically lived online since I was an obnoxious teen with dial-up. Once I finally changed careers a few years ago, I began working as a social media strategist creating online content for culinary clients and slowly falling in love with the online food world.

Aside from that, I was born and raised in South Florida where flip flops are accepted all year long and the food scene is about 90% Hispanic. I grew up watching my Cuban mom cook for my family and use “un poquito” (Spanish for “a little bit”) as her measurement of choice. As I got older, I began expanding my palate, being a tourist in my own city, traveling, creating my own variations of the foods I had tried and loved, all while trying to keep up with that 80/20 balanced lifestyle that is SO hard to keep up with when you’re surrounded by delicious eats! #reallife

A Sassy Spoon is an extension of all my passions and an exciting new chapter for my career. Whether on a road trip or in the kitchen, I’m probably planning my next recipe or next trip…and then sharing it with you!


A Sassy Spoon aims to be a resource for quick and easy recipes that are balanced, healthy, flavorful and good for you! Sometimes, you’ll find a little decadence which is ok every once and while. ;)

We don’t count calories here because we’re BIG on using simple, fresh, everyday ingredients and enjoying it all in moderation. I’m definitely no expert when it comes to healthy eating (heaven knows I struggle with it daily) but I’m a firm believer in balance! Life’s too short not to eat good food! You can also expect to see fun travel guides for those of us that travel just to eat. Oh, I’m the only one that does that? Got it!

This blog is ever changing, evolving, and growing but most importantly, it’s a place where we can all connect, be inspired and celebrate our love for food. If there’s anything else that you’d love to see on this blog, email me at info@asassyspoon.com.

Thank you for being here! <3

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